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ISSN 2595-976X

Focus and aim  


The magazine of Instituto Brasileiro de Estudos de Responsabilidade Civil (IBERC) is a publication that pioneers itself as a benchmark to debate Tort law, in all aspects, emphasizing the development of the subject of Brazilian Law. However, with a keen eye on the contributions of comparative law. 


With this objective in mind, the magazine will publish edited articles, original scientific works and also reviews, resumes of PHD thesis, comments about case law, all of these produced by professionals and researchers linked to Graduation and Post-graduation courses in Brazil and abroad. 


Frequency of publication and process of evaluation by peers 

The magazine of Instituto Brasileiro de Estudos de Responsabilidade Civil (IBERC) is one quarterly publication that adopts the policy of blind review by peers. It has an Editorial board composed of international experts and Brazilian experts, who contribute to the knowledge and diffusion of Tort law. 


Policy of free access

The magazine allows free access to all parties for research and the promotion of studies purposes. The format is available online with the aim of expanding discussion and to encourage debates on Tort law, furthering the number of researchers concerned with this important area of private law. Respectively the publication is licensed by the Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).



The magazine uses the following system LOCKSS (, which creates a filing system distributed through the participating libraries, therefore they are able to create permanent magazine files.


Directives concerning conflict of interest 

All those who have had an article approved for publication must declare that they are not seeking financial purposes through their article or paper that may affect any result of the research being carried out. This declaration must be included along with their submitted article or paper.


In case of any doubts regarding conflicts of interest, those concerned may contact the Editorial board before submitting their work.


Submission details and ORCID Code


The texts in Portuguese, English or Spanish must be sent by email to the following address: All submissions have to include the senders telephone number and address along with the ORCID Code (  

On receival the article will have a blind review and be sent back to you for any necessary corrections or revisions. The respect of the before-mentioned rules is the condition binding the publication. 

No fee is charged during this process of evaluation and publication, and after the evaluation and approval, the article(s) will be disclosed without any cost for the author or reader.

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